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The Certified professionals at Cole Appraisal Solutions, Inc. are members in good standing with NEBB Institute, one of the nation's leading machinery and equipment certified appraisal organizations.
To earn the coveted professional designation of Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser (CMEA), a member must undergo training, successfully pass a 100 question written test and submit a Sample Summary Appraisal Report that is graded and approved by the Board of Directors.
The professionals at Cole Appraisal Solutions are members in good standing with the Society of Business Analysts, one of the nation's leading international networks of  experienced professionals certified in the areas of business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, accounting, insurance, business enhancement and other professions that affect your business every day.
Find Out Why You Need An Appraisal...
 Is the value of the machinery and equipment substantiated or do you shutter every time someone wants to review your loan decision?  
Can you honestly say that the value of your client's machinery & equipment will hold up to scrutiny if you guess, rely on book value or rely on the word of a "non-certified" and trained person?
When you get called into deposition or court, do you really want to go in unprepared without a substantiated value of your client's machinery and equipment?  A Certified Appraisal Report by a CMEA, will hold up to scrutiny and Daubert.
20 business decisions and strategies require a substantiated value.  If you've been denied financing it may be because the value of your assets have not been accurate.
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