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Welcome To Cole Appraisal Solutions...
Your Qualified And Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisal Source Where We Provide Global Reach With Local Expertise!
Within the pages of our website, you'll discover why an equipment appraisal prepared by a Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) is essential.  Our equipment appraisals meet the elements of a qualified appraisal pursuant to the SBA's Standard Operating Procedures for lending purposes and AICPA's Standards of Valuations #1 for CPAs.  In addition to the Council of Foundation's definition of a qualified appraisal by a qualified appraiser.
Needless to say, a Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisal Report that is USPAP compliant is of the utmost importance to protect you from unsubstantiated and inaccurate values.


The IRS And Others Will No Longer Close Their Eyes Or Look The Other Way When It Comes To An Accurate Value For Your Machinery & Equipment...
Just Remember:  There Are Stiff Penalties For Non-Compliance! 
The Pension Protection Act Of 2006
Defines a "Certified" Appraisal by a "Certified" Appraiser and defines penalties imposed for a CPA and individual for a misleading filing.
New IRS Circular 230
Provides ethical standards for attorneys, accountants and other tax professionals practicing before the IRS and provides a framework and enforcement authority to curb business tax avoidance transactions.
What's Your Machinery & Equipment REALLY Worth?
  You won't know until you call upon the Certified Professionals at Cole Appraisal Solutions, Inc.
"We'll deliver an irrefutable and defensible Certified Summary Machinery & Equipment Appraisal Report that will hold up to scrutiny with the IRS, lenders, and others." 
Who Needs A
Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisal?
Business Owners
Everyone Who Has Machinery & Equipment

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